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Michael Potts's Photographs

Why would I call my photography page "Inscape"? What is it I am trying to capture in my photography?  to refer to the unique network of natures seen through a thing's ultimate indIt depends on the subject matter, but in many of my photographs I try to capture something of an individual thing's "inscape." This was a term used by the English poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. Its meaning is best shown in a little exercise: Find a painting or photography of a natural object, say, an oak tree. Try to "see" its unique individual nature through the artwork. The particular oak tree expresses "Oakness" in a unique way, "Treeness" in a unique way, "Plant-ness" in a unique way, "Living Thing-ness" in a unique way, "Thingness" in a unique way, the truth, beauty and goodness of God in a unique way. "Inscape" is this hierarchy of natures seen uniquely through the individual essence of something, and art tries to bring out this individual essence. Even non-representational objects can have their own unique essences. For example, I love working with fractals since each pattern is unique. 

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