end of summer

 A deeply moving and passionate book, Michael Potts' End of Summer is a poignant literary novel about childhood and memory. This is contemporary Southern fiction at its best..

         --Michael Colonnese, author of Sex and Death, I Suppose and Temporary 


In Michael Potts' novel, End of Summer, an idyllic rural childhood is the setting that reveals deep psychological insights. Innocent obsessions of childhood are juxtaposed against the Tennessee childhood, allowing for a rich tapestry of drama. The child is indeed father of the man in this gripping and lyrical read.

       --Charlotte Rains Dixon, Director Emeritus, The Writer's Loft, Middle Tennessee 

       State University

A man returns to the field of his childhood. As he walks from the field to the thicket where he and Granddaddy would play and talk when he was a child, he recalls the summer of 1968 when he was eight years old. The boy, who today would be diagnosed as mildly autistic, struggles with obsessions about death in the midst of an otherwise idyllic existence in rural Tennessee. That summer, he will face events that cut to the heart, and as the man re-lives those moments many years later, he seeks to better understand his own quirks and obsessions.

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