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From the photo, you might guess that I write horror, but my range of writing is broader--I also write Southern fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, and I also host a photography page. 

I grew up in the country near Smyrna, Tennessee and am rural to the core, a background reflected in my fiction and poetry. Currently I live (in the country) near Coats, North Carolina with my beautiful wife, Karen, and our eight (1) cats--three outdoor, five indoor. 

Besides writing, I also serve as Professor of Philosophy at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Although the main goal of my fiction is to show the reader a good story (show, don't tell, right?), my work deals with philosophical and religious themes. These are themes like death, God, the meaning of life, existential angst, and good and evil. My horror is theological horror, but it is too edgy to pass as "Christian fiction." However, it does presuppose a Christian world view. Fiction should never be "preachy," and I try to avoid that like the plague. In addition, if a character by nature uses foul language, I include that in my book--nothing is sanitized as it is in much Evangelical Christian fiction. In some of my fiction, I play "devil's advocate" and explore how characters react to a godless universe. However, all my work is dedicated "ad maiorem dei gloriam," "to the greater glory of God." 

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